I offer a 4 part Mountain Ski Training Program. The 4 part course is designed for guests to gain experience assessing avalanche terrain, proper use of avalanche rescue equipment, build ski touring skills, technical glacier skills and  ski mountaineering.

The four part program consists of:

  • Avalanche 1
  • Ski Tour 2
  • Alpine and Glacier 3
  • Ski Mountaineering 4

The Mountain Ski Training Program is designed with an A.C.M.G. standard. Which means a high level of skill and safety. 

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The Mountain Ski Training Program is a four component program.

Avalanche 1 is the equivelant to the Canadian Avalanche Association AST2.  This is a 4 day entry level avalanche safety course.

The Level 2 Ski touring builds off the Level 1 course. It exposes guests to proper backcountry skiing skills.  

The Level 3 Alpine and Glacier course is another building block for our students. It is for students who have gained experience from the level 1 and 2 courses.  This component focuses on ski touring in glaciated terrain and in the alpine.  

The Level 4 Ski Mountaineering component is the most advanced course.  Advanced ski skills, being fit and the graduation of the three other courses are a prerequisites.  The level 4 focus is ski mountaineering, couloir and steep skiing and climbing.