Experience and learn from a certified Mountain Guide in the Canadian Rockies.   The mountain school for some of the world’s best ice and mixed climbing in the Canadian Rockies.  From single pitch beginner water falls to world class routes.  It’s all here in the Rockies.  A winter wonderland stacked with frozen drips and smears.  From pillars to football field size pours.  The Rockies have it all.

Learn from a professional ACMG Mountain Guide. Ice climbing school courses and private trips available.   Continue reading for ice school options and overview. 

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1 Day Ice School

One day of professional ice guiding in the Canadian Rockies.  Come out for an enjoyable day at a world class Rockies ice crag.  Guests are guided through the step by step process of ice climbing.  Learn how to: 

  • Use ice climbing gear 
  • Top rope belay 
  • Tie correct knots with proper rope configuration 
  • Top rope short water ice climbs.  

Detailed Information on Single Day Course

2 Day Ice School

The in depth 2 day course offers students:

  • Top Rope Anchor climbing
  • Lead Belaying 
  • Movement Skill, 
  • Anchor Construction 
  • Gear placement
  • Hazard Evaluation 

For detailed information and agenda on the 2 Day course click here. 

3 Day Ice School

Includes skills taught on 2 Day Course plus:

  • One day of a guided multi pitch climb. One can expect grades 3-5.  Route difficulty and length is structured to the individuals experience, overall fitness and ability.  There are options for all levels.

What is a multi pitch?  A standard waterfall ice multi pitch route in the Canadian Rockies consists of 3 to 8 pitches of a continuous ice.  Depending on difficulty, continuous can be an easy, lengthy, rambling flow of up to 400 meters or a sheer vertical waterfall of 250 meters.  Multi pitch ice routes usually follow a specific water drainage or gully starting around tree line elevations and adventuring into the alpine elevation band. The multi pitch day(s) for the 3 and 5 Day course is customized to the student’s ability, experience and fitness.

*The multi pitch day will utilize all available daylight hours.  Students should be prepared for a full day of hiking, climbing, descending.  Multi pitch climbing involves more of an approach, lengthier pitches, lead climbing/seconding, descending the waterfall and finally, hiking back to the car park.  The approximate time of being back at the car is 4:00 pm. 

Length of multi pitch day:  8-10 hrs.  

 For detailed information agenda on the 3 Day course click here.


5 Day Ice School

Includes skills taught in 1, 2 and 3 Day Course. (For detailed information on the Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 course description, logistics and agenda read through all Ice School pages.)  Plus two days of proper guided instruction on multi pitch climbs. The 5 day course is the highest level of recreational ice training of Ice School at JonnySimms.ca. 

For detailed information and agenda on the 5 Day course click here.

 After completion of the 5 day course, those interested looking to further their experience base, go to: The Mountain Elite, Ice and Mixed Climbing Page or click here.