Rockies - Columbia Ice Fields

Mnt Columbia

Moderate, 3 days, Late winter/spring conditions
Day 1: Meet in Lake Louise at 6 am. Drive to Columbia Ice fields. Ski tour through icefall and to “The Trench”. Set up camp, dinner and rest. 8 hrs travel from Ice fields.
Day 2: Breakfast at 6 am. Depart camp at 7am and ski tour to base of Mnt. Columbia. SE Face. Boot back/short rope face to summit 3-4 hrs from camp, depending on fitness. Advanced skier’s may ski face if conditions permit. Intermediate skiers will be short roped back down ascent route. Ski back to camp for dinner and rest.
Day 3: Breakfast at 6 am. Break and depart camp by 7:30 am. Ski tour back to Ice field’s parking. 4-6 hrs.

Mnt Athabasca – SilverHorn

Advanced, 1.5 days, spring conditions
Meet in Lake Louise at 5 pm on the evening prior. Drive to Rampart Creek Hostel. Guide briefing and rest.
Day 2: Depart hostel at 5 am. Depart from Athabasca climbers parking lot at 6 am. Ski tour up to base of silver horn. Boot pack/ short rope Silverhorn face to Silverhorn summit. 5-7 hrs. Ski Silverhorn face back to vehicle if conditions permit. 

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