Ski Traverse Adventures

|| December 24, 2017

Wapta Ski Traverse

A hut guided traverse of the Wapta Ice field's in the Canadian Rockies.  Peyto, Bow, Scott Duncan and Balfour hut accommodates the Wapta ski traverse.  Provided and built by the Alpine Club of Canada.  This trip can take 3-5 days depending your ability and fitness.  

Starting point for the Wapta traverse is either the Bow Lake pull in or Peyto Lake.  Each starting point services a different hut.  We will explore the Wapta and Yoho ice field's one hut at a time.  Exiting the trip at Field, BC.  A vehicle drop is needed for this trip.

Great Divide Ski Traverse

An advanced trip for the truly adventurous.  This trip travels over expansive terrain from Jasper to Lake Louise. 8 major icefields along the Western side of the Canadian Rockies and Ice field's Parkway.  Trip length 20 days with food cache support.