Have you ever wanted to:

  • Ski those untouched powder slopes outside the ski area boundary? 
  • Travel though pristine old growth forests under a blanket of fresh snow?
  • Ski expansive glaciers and alpine features? 
  • From summit to valley bottom?

Well, these dreams are a simple reality. Backcountry skiing is gaining large popularity in North America. It has exploded in European countries.

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • And really fun.

Quality powder skiing that is great for your mind, body and soul.  Back Country Ski Trips and Courses offered here are:

  • Intro to Back Country Skiing link
  • Canadian Avalanche Association - Avalanche Skills Training Courses link
  • Private Trips: Domestic link
  • International link
  • 4 Part Back Country Ski component program link
  • Hut Trips link
  • Ski Mountaineering link
  • Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Program link

Are you wondering if backcountry skiing is for you? How do you find out?

Well here are a few guidelines to follow to see if this sport is for you. It already has caught your attention hasn’t it?

Do you:

  • Enjoy getting outside for a run, cross country ski, snow shoe or bike ride?
  • Like to take in breathtaking views?
  • Enjoy activities that maintain a healthy heart rate for extended periods of time?
  • Like to ski powder!?
  • Does the silence of the back country catch your attention?
  • Want to be challenged skiing off piste terrain?
  • Want to go to the summit of the mountain? And experience skiing down the other side?
  • Want to try stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should send me an email.
  • To give you an idea of what you will expect to experience. Check out the Back Country Trips and Courses links listed for detailed descriptions, agendas and logistics. If you are new to


Back Country Skiing and want to learn more, check out The Intro to Backcountry skiing link. For the experienced or semi experienced Backcountry skier, check out the Backcountry Skiing Private Trips link, Ski Mountaineering Overview link, Ski Mountaineering Private Trips link or if your looking to better your all around skills go to the 4 Part Back Country Ski Component Program for detailed information.

No matter your experience or ability. There is an accommodating trip for you!

Terrain to expect:

For intro level backcountry skiers:

  • Smooth expansive slopes that are easy to ski
  • Well spaced trees. Large 500 year old, old growth such as cedar or fir. Or spare alpine
  • trees such as larch, popular or spruce.
  • Low to moderate angle slopes.
  • For intermediate level backcountry skiers:
  • As per the above plus
Moderate angled glaciers and vast alpine slopes. 28-35 degrees
  • Vertical footage per run, up to 3500 feet.
  • Interesting terrain. Such as gullies, ski chutes and pillows
  • Steeper angled tree runs. Up to 40 degrees
  • Consistent fall line skiing. Summit to valley
For Advanced level backcountry skiers:
  • As per above plus
  • Tree pillow lines, chutes and drops
  • Steep ridge top entrances. Up to 45-50 degrees
  • None stop skiing
  • Steep alpine and glaciated runs. Up to 45 degrees
  • Couloir skiing.
  • Ski mountaineering (See ski mountaineering page for details)