Intro Course - Rock

Learning to rock climb is safe and easy to do.  I bring clients to user friendly venues.  Focusing on the basics to start.  

Which include:

- Crag Safety
- Equipment Use
- Knots
- Basic Rope Systems and Belays
- Climbing Movement Instruction


Wether you are new to climbing or would like to incorporate professional knowledge to your climbing passion. A one or two day course on proper instruction will: 

- Gain and solidify your personal skills 
- Ensure safety for yourself and others
- Build confidence  

Multi Pitch - Rock

For folks interested in taking climbing beyond single pitch routes.  I teach this course, focused on multi pitch climbing.  The rope systems I use are simple, safe and easy to learn.  This is the standard used by the professional body of The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.  

From the Multi Pitch Rock course you will learn:

-Lead climbing/belaying
-Multi pitch rope systems
-Intro to traditional climbing

Technical Rope Rescue - Rock 

For novice to advanced climbers.  It is a wise choice and never to late to take a technical rope systems course from a trained IFMGA Guide.  I will teach you the systems needed to provide a rescue response.  For your own rope team or if you encounter another rope party in distress.  Technical systems you will learn include:

-Counterbalance rappelling
-Transfer of loads 

Guided Day Trip - Rock climbing around Lake Louise

For folks wanting to try rock climbing with friends and/or family.  Try a day of top rope climbing with a professional.  Safe, easy and geared for all levels.  Included are set top ropes, gear and instruction. Perfect for birthday gatherings, kids groups, motivational groups or getting out with friends.

Guided Day Trip - Multi Pitch Rock around the Lake Louise Group

For beginner and intermediate climber's, I offer routes in the easy 5th class to the 5.11 range.  The beginner and intermediate choice has been a favourite in the past with working professionals with a climbing tick list.  I can help you achieve your goal of getting to the top of some of your dream climbs. 

Rock Climbing Areas used are:

  • Lake Louise
  • Saddleback (Lake Louise)
  • Kapristo (Golden)
  • Spillamacheen (Golden)
  • Wildwood (Golden)