Here is a list of popular Patagonian routes to choice from:

Cerro Torre, 3128m
One of the most beautiful peaks in the world. Cerro Torre's ice rimmed summit cap makes for a hard ascent. Conditions, weather and partners must all aline for success.

Ragni Route, 600m M4
If you are interested in climbing the wildest ice route in the world. Check out the Ragni Route on CerroTorre. An unbelievable adventure. 4-5 days.

Mount Fitz Roy, 3405m
The highest peak in the Los Glaciares National park. Still one of the toughest challenges on earth for alpine rock climbers.

Casarotto Pillar, 1250m, 5.10b, 3 days
Excellent granite on the biggest peak. Bivy required for the guided ascent. A big deal for anybody. Another dream route. 3-4 days

Domo Blanco, 2500m

SuperDomo, 500m, M5, WI 5, 3 days
A high quality mixed rock and ice route that will always be in condition when temperatures are chilly. A good warm up to the area for experienced alpine climbers. Mixed skills a prerequisite.

Aguja Guillaumet, 2580m
A good warm up peak for experienced alpine climbers or a great objective for a guided ascent.

Northwest Ridge, 400m 5.10, 3 days
This climb alone should satisfy the guided party. A great intro to the area.

Cerro Marconi, 2200m-2480m, 5-7 days.
A three peak massif accessed via the electrico valley. The electric provides access to the Patagonian Icecap. in this region, the weather is horrendous most of the year. Yet, there are virgin peaks that are still awaiting first ascents in this area.

Cerro Solo, 2100m, 3 days

Cerro Solo is the most popular general mountaineering objective. Straight forward snow, ice and scrambling close to Chalten. A good first general mountaineering route to the area.


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