The Frey Area is located in central Argentine near the famous ski town of Bariloche, Argentina. What Frey offers to climbers is better weather and smaller objectives then patagonia. it is great place to just go rock climbing, relax and not feel any weather stress. Unlike Southern Patagonia. The Frey refuge hut is a centre point for all hikers and climbers to share. There is a full service kitchen and bar. A great place to drink cold beer and eat pizza after your rock climbing day. There is a warm alpine lake to swim in below the hut. It is a dreamy area that I highly recommend. Frey offers easy accessibility, short approaches, easy living and close climbing objectives. This is most appealing to guest's that only have 7-10 days for their holiday. There are daily, short, affordable flights from Buenos Aires - Bariloche. Which will easily connect you to your international flight. You can be in Bariloche in about 14 hours from Canada and shorter from the US. Summer season is December-March around Frey. With average daily temperatures of 20-35 degrees celsius.

The main climbing area around Frey is granitic. With lots of small, interesting spires to climb on. Any where from two to eight pitches in length. Grades ranging from 5.6-5.11. It is a great place to go to escape the cold of North America. Book your Frey trip today!

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