European Summer Alpine Program

Climbing in the European Alps is something every mountain climber has to experience. From the extraordinary food, the ease of accessibility due to the lift systems, to the grand 4000m summits. There is something in Europe for all folks. I am dual citizen in Canada and EU. I know my way through Europe and would love to coordinate and guide your mountain holiday dream!

I offer and co-ordinate trips to Europe during the summer months. We explore:

⁃ Chamonix France to ascend peaks around the Mount Blanc massif, including Mount Blanc (4810m).
⁃ Grindelwald, Switzerland to ascend the famous Mittellegi ridge or South ridge on Eiger. Climb the standard route up the Monch. Ascend the famous Jungfrau. All are above 4000m and are spectacular climbs. All climbs around Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch are accessed to Jungfraujoch via the incredible engineering and building of the Top of Europe Train. Which travels in, through and out of the Eiger to 3,466m.
⁃ Zermatt, Switzerland to climb the coveted Matterhorn Peak. Which rises to 4477m. Other options that i offer are Breithorn summit, Breithorn traverse, Weisshorn and Monte Rosa. The second highest peak in Europe.
⁃ Courmayer, Italy to climb on the Italian side of the Mount Blanc massif. Climbs i guide accessed from Torino Hut are Dent du Geant, Tour Ronde and objectives around the Grand Cappucin.


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