Mount Assiniboine, 3618m
First climbed in 1901 by James Outram, Christian Bohren and Christian Hasler.

North Ridge 5.5 - A long enjoyable climb from the Hind Hut. About 1000m of climbing involved.

Mount Louise, 2682m
First climbed in 1916 by Conrad Kain and Albert Macarthy.

Kain Route 5.6 - A stunning rock climb at a reasonable grade. A long day out on good limestone

Mount Robson, 3954m
The tallest peak in the Rockies. And the trickiest to climb! Climbed by Conrad Kain in 1913 with two friends via the Kain Face. A remarkable feet for it's time.

South Face Route IV - The easiest way of the mountain. The most coveted Rockies Snow and Ice route. 5 Days. Helicopter transfer to Berg Lake. Hiking on towards the Kain Face and up the ridge. Descending the same as ascent.

Mount Columbia, 3747m
The highest point in Alberta. First climbed in 1902 by James Outram and guide Christian Kaufmann. Named by J. Norman Collie in 1898 after the Columbia River.

South Face Route - A relatively easy route with a long approach. This route requires three days. One approaching across the Columbia ice field's to the Columbia Trench, one day on the mountain and one day out. Columbia is an easy snow climbing which requires good weather.

Mount Victoria, 3464m
First climbed in 1897 by guide Peter Sarbach and Norman Collie. Named after the queen.

South East Ridge - An easy 4th class ridge from Abbot Pass ACC Hut on a mix of good and marginal stone. Leading to one of the most spectacular summits in the Rockies. It is unarguably one the best alpine rock ridges in the Rockies.

Mount Lefroy, 3423m
First ascended again by guide Peter Sarbach and Norman Collie in 1897.

West Face Route - Enjoyable snow and Ice route from the Abbot Hut.

Mount Temple, 3,544m
First ascent in 1894 by Samuel Allen and co.

South Ridge - The scramble route. Easiest way to the top. Approached from Moraine Lake. For beginners who want to summit Temple.

East Ridge 5.6 - A long, adventurous climb for experienced people. A big day out! Well worth it.

Mount Fay, 3234m
Another first ascent by guide Christina Kauffman. Done in 1904. The access to Colgen Hut is via Perren route from Moraine Lake. Climbing through 4th class and a short 5.6 pitch . This will lead you to Fay glacier and ACC Colgen Hut.

North Face - Many Options exist here. The majority are excellent snow and ice routes. A short ways from the Colgen hut. The plum being the Central Ice Bulge.

West Ridge 5.3 - Yet the most popular guided objective is the West Ridge . A pleasant way to the top!

Mount Athabasca, 3491m
First ascended in 1898 by Norman Collie. Athabasca is the Cree indian name for "Where there are reeds" which referred to Lake Athabasca. It is hands down the most ascended 11,000 of the Rockies. Many route options exist here.

A/A Col. Easiest way up the mountain. Mainly a hike/scramble with some smaller section of snow climbing.

Ramp route. An aesthetic way up the mountain. Mainly an exposed snow climb.

North Face route. An interesting climb with a bit of everything. Snow, ice and some easy mixed climbing up top.

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