Wiwaxy Peak, 2706m

Grassi Ridge 5.7, 8 pitches
An enjoyable ridge climb on quartzite that is a close option from the Ohara campground. Rarely you will encounter anyone else on climbs in the O'hara area. Grassi is one of the best climbs at O'hara.

Mount Huber, 3368m

Huber ledges, 4th class
This trip leads you through the famous Huber ledges to the toe of the Huber glacier. Good for a shorter day. Very scenic. This would be a bit more required then the O'hara alpine circuit.

North Glacier, Snow and Ice.
From O'hara, we follow the Huber ledges to the Huber glacier. This will then lead us to the summit of Huber. 8-10 hour round trip.

Mount Odaray, 3159m

South-East Ridge 5.4
A popular route that has it all. Snow, rock and glacier to an impressive summit

North East Ridge 5.7
An impressive and aesthetic buttress. A great introduction to longer, harder alpine rock climbs. Also one of the best routes around Ohara.

Mount Biddle, 3319m

West Ridge, 5.4
A scenic climb on an exposed ridge. Views of the Lake Louise group, O'hara group, Goodsir towers, Presidents and Wapta.

Mount Hungabee, 3492m

West Ridge, 5.4
One of the main attractions in the area. A very prominent mountain. A large undertaking.

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