Rockies Summer Alpine Program 

An engrained tradition here in Canada.  Mountain guiding has had a historical role in the Canadian Rockies and surrounding area for over 100 years.  Early on, the CP Rail employed Swiss and Austrian Mountain Guides seasonally.  The guides provided a service for the rail customers to experience and explore the Canadian Rockies, Purcell's and Selkirk mountain ranges.  A new and relatively unexplored area in the Western world.  

The guiding tradition continues....

Safety standards, guiding techniques/application, conditions familiarity and resource information (weather forecasting and avalanche forecasting) have all played a significant role in modernizing the guiding trade.  Helping clients obtain their high goals safely. 

I specialize in mountaineering objectives in the local mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies.  Wether you are new to mountaineering or have an extensive resume of peaks under your belt. I can accommodate and help you obtain your future goals.  I have extensive knowledge on the popular peaks around Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.  Such peaks include Mount Athabasca, Mount Edith Cavel, The Lake Louise Group, Yoho Group, Assiniboine and Robson.  

Smaller and easier objectives for the beginner mountaineer are also available.  Mount Fairview, Lake Ohara hiking and Moraine Lake hiking are examples.  Adventures around the Lake Ohara group should also be a top priority.  I can design your summer mountain adventure.  Book now!


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