“Jonny Simms and Chris Brazeau, both from Golden, B.C., have made the first ascent of an often-talked-about big wall on Mount Stephen in the Canadian Rockies.”

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“Had you driven 20 kilometers east of Lake Louise, Alberta, along the Trans-Canada Highway last month, you would have found yourself staring up at nearly 1000 meters of banded and streaked Rockies limestone and quartzite that had never been climbed. For decades, the so-nicknamed "Great Wall of China" on the precipitous east side of Mt. Stephen (3199m) was talked about and attempted but never summited—that is until August 7, when a pair from nearby Golden, B.C., finally claimed its first ascent and ignited, they hope, a new era of alpine climbing in the Canadian Rockies.”

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“Simms and Richardson are two of Canada’s most experienced alpine climbers. For the past few weeks they have been hunkered down in El Chalten, Patagonia. They first climbed Super Domo, the new must-climb mixed route, then they climbed a new line, El Busca Jesus, before making the first ascent of an aesthetic icy chimney, the Richard-Simmons.”

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“Jon Simms and Jon Walsh have completed a rare ascent of The Wild Thing on the east face of Mt. Chephren in the Canadian Rockies, making the probable first free ascent of the route.”

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...and MAN YOGA:

“[Jonny Simms and Jon Walsh] did not disappoint, scratching there way up their rockies test piece in style, they sent the route again with no falls. Their commitment and enthusiasm is obvious while climbing and while talking about the route over drinks.”

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Man Yoga. There's even coffee named after it:

“... is the concept of fighting through pain and fear in the pursuit of that which inspires us. It’s the runout line on sketchy rock. It’s grinding out the last squat rep when you aren’t sure you can. It’s the acceptance of suffering when turning around is not an option.

In the spirit of the term, Man Yoga the coffee will feature bold and exotic flavors as a rotating roast of micro-lot beans from around the globe.”

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